Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pre-race jitters...

...just aren't quite so bad this time. I think with one Olympic distance race under my belt I am feeling more comfortable. That, and this is a B race for me. No need to kill myself, just trying to have fun and not be the last one in my age group. =0)

What I am the most excited about is watching the pros race. The women take off at about 1:30 and the men at 4:30 or something like that. I checked the weather and it is supposed to be freakin hot and extremely windy. Think 93 deg, 80% humidity, and 20-30 mph wind. My wave is off at 6:15 am so the weather will not be as big of a factor with 75 deg, high humidity, and knowing the midwest, probably slightly less wind.

The funny thing is, wind doesn't bother me. Everyone has to ride with in and into it at some point and I train in it every single time I ride almost. At our house, we consider it a form of resistance training that only makes you stronger.

I am also looking forward to trying something new with my nutrition plan, like I talked about in the last post. It may not work but I am up for trying anything as long as it doesn't make me throw up. =0)

I am going to try and have a race report up by Tuesday or Wednesday. Definitley can't do it Monday because I have box seats at the College World Series! Woot Woot!

Have a nice race weekend everyone!


Duane said...

Hi KT! Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to your race report. Do you happen to know anything about the Cornman Course in Iowa?