Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Worrying about things that aren't a problem

Alright y'all, I am officially nervous. My first ever Olympic distance race is Sunday and I already have the butterflies. Here is the thing though... I feel like I am in better shape at this time this year than ever before. I am pretty sure that I can finish. The distances are not out of range. I have done the miles but there are some things creating doubts. Namely, the cold temp of the water. There has been major flooding in the area and the swim has been moved to another body of water close by. I am considering renting a wetsuit from my local tri/bike shop but have never swam in one before. That makes me nervous. Another thing that is creating doubts is that I haven't been able to be on my new bike all that much. I was fitted in a pretty aggressive aero position although I made sure it was comfortable. I haven't ridden it in much bike traffic and I am just not sure about the handling yet. And lastly, nutrition. I am just very unsure of what I am really going to need when I get out on the course and how my body is going to handle things. I am planning on water and Gatorade Rain in my bottle and camel back and I know that I can tolerate Snickers Marathon Bars on the bike and before the run so those I am taking with me.

I know, I know, most of you are saying... "Cowgirl Up! It is just an Olympic distance race, no biggie." And in my head, I know that, and I know that I will be fine and I know that I have trained but somebody, please tell my swirling stomach that!

It is all going to be fine. I have to say that I haven't had pre-race jitters like this in a while. I feel like a real rookie, and I guess, I am an Oly Rookie. =0)

Deep breath! Here goes.


Kim said...

you are going to be fine! :) you've got the distances down, and you know you can finish. pre-race jitters are a byatch... just eat some pasta, and get some sleep, and you will rock the course on sunday!

blink140pnt6 said...

You go girl! Tear it up and have fun.

moonpie said...

Just take the pressure off yourself...your goal should be to finish and just have fun! Seriously...have fun! I have only done sprints until I did a half-iron last goal was to just finish it and have fun!

You WILL do it - easily!

Drew Holmes said...

I like being scared..those are the things worth doing in life....enjoy