Monday, May 21, 2007

Tag - I'm It.

Alrighty, Blink has tagged me with...

Seven Songs that Stick in Your Head

Blink is a triathlete in Omaha, NE who has the coolest new tattoo on one of the most muscular calves ever! Check out his blog to see it.

So, typically, I don't listen to music when I train and I tend to turn it off when I am trying to really concentrate. I do love to sing along to the radio in the car however, and now, thanks to Blink I have seven songs stuck in my head. =0)

#1. If I Had $1,000,000 by Barenaked Ladies. Man, I don't even really like this song but I walk around humming all the time. Even when I haven't recently heard it.

#2. Cartoons. A really funny song by contemporary Christian artist, Chris Rice. It is all about how different cartoons would "get saved" and how they would sing praise. And, Chris is super amazing at doing all the voices of the cartoons. Check it out.

#3. Coming in at number 3 is Beautiful World by Colin Hay. Gotta love the hippie, folk, acoustic guitar.

#4. Independently Happy is a sweet running song (when I actually take my iPod) that I strategically put in my play list towards the end to get me going. My husband got my hooked on Blue October when we were dating.

#5. This list would not be complete without a little Chris LeDoux. Look at You Girl is maybe the best song ever and I used to dance around my house singing it. (Oh wait, that may have been last week.) Guess I am just a country girl at heart.

#6. This is a super cool song. It is called Rise Up Mighty Warrior by Broken Walls. Patrick has been into Indigenous Christian Rock because of all his work with Native Americans on the Pine Ridge Reservation through the youth department at the church.

#7. And finally... the PT in me that goes to the preschools would have to say, Slippery Fish is definitely one that sticks in your head.

Well, there you have it! 7 songs that you just can't shake. Hope you all learned something about me today. Maybe that my taste in music has no rhyme or reason? =0)

So, I suppose now I have to tag someone. You know, I tag Cara from the InTransit Duo podcast. She is one stellar chick and I know she has some good additions to the collection of music. Don't be mad Cara! Blink made me do it.


Bigun said...

million dollars is a 'anytime classic' - pics you up when you're down, brings a smile, and is a good sing-along t'boot.

Enjoy your new bike - stay out of the kids' way, the little b'stads.

Cara said...

Great list! Especially #4!

Btw, sweet new bike senorita. I'm just getting caught up on all the excitement.

blink140pnt6 said...

Thanks for playing. #7 reminds me of the book, Frog in the Bog.