Saturday, August 2, 2008

The weekends are filling up

I totally want to race. Benson asked me after the last post when the next race is and I will be racing an Olympic on either the 23rd or the 24th of August. I haven't decided which race to do. One would involve a little more planning and a longer drive and a way better race the other is right in my backyard but I have to be concerned with growing a third arm in the nasty lake that I would be swimming in. Yuck. It may be worth it though just so as not to have to pack up the dogs and spend the whole weekend away. (That first one I described is the race that I managed to throw Mr KTs keys away at last year, as some of you may recall.)

So this weekend I am on call at the hospital. (Already been in twice this morning and it is only noon.)

Next weekend I spend all day Saturday at a continuing education course on orthotics and bracing and Sunday I am headed to Lincoln to see my momma.

The weekend of the 23rd and 24th I am racing... somewhere.

I am on call again Labor Day weekend.

My cousin gets married in Iowa the first weekend in Sept.

I have a girls weekend planned the 2nd weekend in Sept with 3 of my PT school friends that I TOTALLY miss.

Sept 28th is the Omaha half marathon.

Etc, etc, etc.

Now, I just have to squeeze in my long runs around all that and we should be good. Yikes, the marathon is going to be here before I know it. Time to kick that into gear.

PS I fell out of love with my old running shoes and bought a pair of Asics Gel Kayanos today from my LRS. They have the same gel as the Nimbus, of which I had about 10 pairs of, and just a smidge more stability then the 2130s I was trying and don't like at all. I am looking forward to giving them a shot on my longish run this weekend. Don't worry I loop by my house so if I don't love them I can switch out. The only down side... they are purple.


SUB6 said...

I think they look cool ... but what do i know? :)

tri-dogmom said...

My friends use the Kayanos and LOVE them!!!! I'm still hooked on the nimbus tho -

Do you wear orthotics? I thought about giving the kayanos a try, but think it might be too much stability with orthotic + shoe.

Jamie said...

Hey, they look better than those old "root beer" colored ones that you had before.