Saturday, March 1, 2008

58 freakin degrees!!!

Yeah! Watch out, brick workout here I come. I actually had that scheduled for tomorrow but in March in Nebraska sometimes you have to be flexible as the weather fluctuates. I mean, last year it snowed for the first three weeks of March!

Anywho, this will be the first brick of the year. I can't wait to get off my bike and run on wobbly legs. For some crazy reason, I totally dig that. Then tomorrow... long run. Woot woot. Bring it on.


I rode this morning with Mr KT. 8.38 miles. Yeah, you read that right. A lame-ass 8 miles. Why, you ask, because I flatted 4 miles in. 4 freaking miles. Mr KT fixed me up right. (I know what you are thinking but we were in the middle of the Keystone trail in the middle of the day.) Anywho, it went flat on the way home and he added air to it and I made it home. I have gotten a flat back tire on that bike the last 4 or so times I have been on it. So off to the bike shop for new tires, tubes, and CO2 cartridges. I am sort of feeling like I should buy stock in those companies.

So, I am going to consider it the first part of a build on the bike. Easing in, if you will.

The brick workout also fell apart as Mr KT had to go in to work. He mentioned that he would run with me and the dogs after he got done so I am going to take him up on that. Flexibility, remember?

The day was salvaged however, when 3 boxes of girl scout cookies showed up at my door. Phew. Sometime when I actually do a tough workout, I will have a reward waiting for me...if my husband doesn't find them first. =0)


Danielle in Iowa said...

I have to keep girl scout cookies in the freezer so I don't devour them in one sitting. Yum!

blink140pnt6 said...

Hope you didn't spend too much at the bike shop.

you may have some of my race entries to pay for. I mean IM alone was $485. :)

Taconite Boy said...

ohhh Tac really likes those coconut/chocolate cookie thingys ummmmmm