Saturday, February 17, 2007

A great Saturday

Still cold and still snowing, but I just love it. April will feel so good when it gets here. This is not as triathlon related as it could be but I had a rest day today and it was wonderful. I spent the majority of it with my husband. Just seems like there are very few days when we get to hang out all day doing whatever we want to do. We went on a long walk with the dogs, to the LBS to drop off his Specialized for an overhaul/tune-up, did some other piddly errands and just generally had fun together. He even agreed to take a mini vacation in early April! Yay! It is my job to locate the perfect destination and the almost perfect price. I am thinking Sanibel Island or San Diego. I have never seen the ocean, so that is the main goal, and really can you put a price on your wife seeing the ocean for the first time? =0)

I also got two new gadgets today. I was very excited to finally pick up a wall charger for my iPod mini. It just doesn't charge well with the computer because when the computer sleeps the iPod stops charging. So yay. The second was a belated Valentine's Day gift from my husband. We had been talking about it for a bit but he went ahead and bought an iRobot today. The brand name is Roomba (see picture above) and it is a robotic vacuum cleaner. You set it to run during the day when you are gone or whenever. It vacuums and then finds it's way back to its docking station to recharge. I am currently waiting for it to fully charge but I will let you all know how it works after we use it a bit. This is very exciting because there is no way that I can keep up with all the dog hair on our wood floors no matter how many times I sweep. Super cool.

And so, tomorrow, back to the training. Ready and refreshed.

More soon, keep on keeping on.


Mark said...

Oh man you GOTTA see the ocean! I've been living in OH away from the ocean for over two years and moving back to FL as soonas we sell our house! I'm dying to go surfing on a regular basis again!

Good to hear you had a great Saturday :)