Friday, February 26, 2010

You know you are a triathlete when... show up at the pool for Master's practice at 5:15 am and realize you may have forgotten your swimsuit. You dig around in your swim bag and find an old suit that you usually double up on. There is no time to go home for another suit because the door will be locked when you get back. You decided that instead of missing a practice/workout you will just wear the see-through suit at the expense of your teammates. (Sorry everyone.)

Oops. Here's hoping no one was traumatized this morning.


Mike said...

I thought it was gonna be one of those long lists that we've all seen before but that story is FUNNY!

KT... you ARE a triathlete! :)haha

Trisaratops said...

That is awesome :)

BTW, I totally once forgot a towel but had a clean diaper in my swim bag from my case anyone's wondering, they work very well as a makeshift towel, but you'll get some very strange looks in the dressing room.... hee hee

Can't waste a good workout just on a suit or towel, right? :)

Benson said...

Good one.
I had a similar incident with old bike shorts. My butt crack was visible through the thinning lycra. No one said anything until we were 2 hours out. So I made the best of it and lead the pack as often as I could. Lots of laughs and a good ride.

Steve Stenzel said...

HA!! I just changed Speedos, and had I not, I'd be in your boat shortly.... ;)

Way to get in the swim regardless!!!!