Wednesday, October 22, 2008


When I registered for this marathon I thought, "October 26th is forever away, no big deal." And now I am 4 days out from my first marathon ever. I am taking the taper as easy as can be as suggested by Blink. Last weekend I did a 40 mile bike ride on Sat in the 40 deg, windy weather and then a 13 mile run on Sun. It all went pretty well. I had some seriously sore quads but that has started to feel better today.

I am nervous as can be but anxious to get this trip started so that we can run this race!

I even have a pair of dorky compression socks sent from my buddy E (who has a new blog).

I am ready, let's go. Look out D.C. I am headed your way.


Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

GOOD Luck! I'm sure you will do VERY well :-)

Most of all, enjoy! YOur first marathon is one you will never forget! I've heard Marine Corps is amazing!

rueschmike said...

Good luck

Mark said...

You're NOT running with your compression socks are you? Please say, "no"...

SUB6 said...

GO Compression socks!!! they have changed my life ... altho I've only run in them in the dark :)

Good luck in the marathon. Looking forward to hearing all about it