Monday, March 5, 2007

Swim, then swim again

As I was swimming with Masters this evening I was thinking about counting laps. When I am seeing out-patients in the clinic, I usually have them count their reps. If I ask them how many they have done and they say, "oh 5 or 6", I make them go with the lower of the two. The patients learn quickly that they should keep track. This is the same way that I swim. And you know what? It really makes me want to keep track more closely. In a way, I feel like if you swim enough yards each practice, 50 here or there shouldn't make that much difference but then the triathlete/PT in me kicks in and I think, every single yard, every single minute counts. So I came up with a solution.
One day my coach had me swimming the following as part of my workout...

1x250 (hard)
1x500 (medium hard)
1x750 (medium)
1x1000 (race pace)
1x750 (medium)
1x500 (medium hard)
1x250 (hard)

I did okay keeping track of the 250s and the 500s. That 1000 is where I start to lose count. I began to use the alphabet. 1A, 2B, 3C, 4D, etc. As I swim my first lap I think of all the words I can that start with the letter A; muscles, names, places, things, etc. Lap 2 is the letter B and so on. And if in fact I do get confused I always go with the lower of the two yardages I am wavering between. A good way to review anatomy, practice for Scategories, and keep track of laps.

A quick update: Kona is doing well. I mentioned two entries ago that she cut her foot open. After 4 trips to the vet we finally got the OK to change the bandage ourselves. She still has to wear her satellite dish collar and the stitches don't come out for at least another week but we've got it down to a science. She even has a little boot that she has to wear outside in the snow so things don't get wet. The vet jokingly told us that he would totally expect that a PT would have a boot like that for their dog. Ha ha.


Kim said...

um what is this A, B, C counting system? please teach me, bc i have enough problems counting to 10... (i try to count in increments of 10 and it isnt working!)

your doggy is adorable! :)

kt said...

Say I am swimming a 500. In my 25 yd pool, that is 10 laps. So that would be A-J. I still have to count the letters in the alphabet. The first lap I think about everything that I can that starts with the letter A. Apple, Andy, Archive, April, Art, Ant, etc. Sometimes I create categories. Every name I can think of that starts with A, or every city or something. The second lap is B, third C, and the 10th is J. I don't always do this but if I can't remember what lap I am on, I can usually remember if I thought of words starting with certain letters. Seems to work and actually is sometimes fun. I swim masters so usually my sets aren't more that 1000 yds at a time. More questions? Be happy to help!

Tri-Dummy said...

Interesting way to count laps! I'm a dummy and just go 1-1-1-1 the whole lap...then 2-2-2-2...etc.

Just caught your blog and thought I'd drop a note, as I live in North Platte.

We have 3 triathlons over here, you should consider coming out for one or two or three! :)

Jay aka: Tri-Dummy